Issue tracker

Project to report issues with the issue tracker itself

About the issue tracker for the issue tracker πŸ€“

Welcome! 🎊

The focus of this project is to collect any issue regarding this very platform!

What belongs here:

  • Any odd behavior with the platform
  • Feature requests

What we will not handle here:

  • Requests of help with reporting any other type of issue
  • Requests of help with using the platform

1️⃣ Browse the existing issues

Before reporting anything, please check the list of open issues and do a search with a keyword or two.
If you prefer boards over lists, we got you covered!
Browsing around comes for free, and you don't even need to register for an account πŸ˜„

2️⃣ Add your voice

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πŸ” Found an existing issue matching your problem/request?

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    Please only add constructive information. Anything else will only generate noise in the conversation. Thanks!

❓ No existing issue appears to match your problem/request?

No worries, you can create a new one! Use one of the links below, and you will be taken the the issue creation page.
NOTE: an issue template will be pre-selected based on which link you use. Please follow the instructions in the template. Thanks!